(simplified) Terms of Use


Using the platform, or buying one of the services we provide, requires that we mutually agree on our interaction: you "the user", and us "".

We do have a complete version of “Terms of Use”, and we encourage you to read it by clicking here"… but we both know it is unlikely that you do so. This is why we created these simplified “Terms of Use”, hoping you’ll find the necessary 2 minutes to go through it, so that we both share a clear and solid agreement.


Who are we?

1. is a non-profitable non-governmental organization. Our mission is to improve and measure Sustainability Literacy worldwide 

2. To do so, we provide services through the Sulitest website, which mainly consist in an on-line multiple choice questionnaire. Some of these services are free, some are available via a fee (the "Premium access" feature, that allows organization to create specific content, adapted to their specific needs)

3. It means we want to walk the talk and position ourselves in a paradigm where Trust is the base of all interactions (warning: we're not talking of "being blind nor naïve", but trustful!)

So, we promise to do our best to:

4. Have a well-functioning platform… and to react quickly and appropriately whenever the inevitable bug occurs.

5. Provide the best possible content in our questions, feedback and references… Please be aware that most of it is produced by the community itself, and may always be enhanced or modified by the community… as a user, you can also participate in suggesting new questions or enhancements to the existing ones… just let us know at We will always welcome and include any idea or suggestion that can help "you, me, them, everybody" with a more efficient Sulitest initiative … and thus a faster transition towards sustainability.

6. Be transparent, fair, nice and efficient in our interaction with all our users and customers … and also with people we cross in the street.

When you click on "I accept the general Terms of Use", you basically agree to enter this trustful relationship, and commit to do your best to:

7. Help the Sulitest platform remain a well-functioning platform for "you, me, them, everybody"… This includes things like: letting us know if you have ideas to improve it, if you find a bug, encounter difficulties, or even by participating in the community if you think you can...

8. Use the services without abuse. All academic institutions may use the core functionality for free… Academic and non-academic organizations may also use the “Premium access” feature to develop personalized content and adapt the Sulitest to their specific needs. This “Premium access” is granted for each specific organization, and cannot be used by or transferred to others outside the limits of this organization. (Keep in mind that the “Premium access” is our main source of revenue; the sustainability of the Sulitest initiative itself relies on it…)

9. As a direct consequence of the above, we require that if you become the customer of one of the services we provide, you will also do your best to be transparent, fair, nice and efficient … just normal, right? For instance, as a test user, you agree not to use another person's identity, not to cheat to improve your results or to improve or degrade the performance of others, and not to publish the answers to the exercises used as learners evaluation mode...

10. We’re quite finished… but we felt that having a 10 points “terms of use” agreement made sense… So, by accepting these terms of use, we also hope you will accept to keep asking yourself everyday what you can do to accelerate change towards sustainability.


Not comfortable with this short and informal version?

- Nelson Mandela: "It always seems impossible until its done".

- Ernest Hemingway: "The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."

- "you can also read the complete version of our “Terms of Use” by clicking here"

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